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Cindy Bi
3 min readAug 12, 2020

Linked is my AngelList Fund Page for capitalx.vc #fundraising

Fund Terms ← click to find out more about my “skin in the game”.

Top Track Record

  • I’ve previously seeded more than 100 startups that have raised $8B+ follow-on VC funding with combined valuations of $60B+. The $7M initial capital is worth about $150M today without active portfolio management.
  • In particular, I’ve directly invested in 12 unicorns and 25 startups on YC’s top companies. Note: YC isn’t my only deal source for CapitalX but this shows you my high hit rate.

Breakout Winners

Examples Of My Success Getting Into Deals

  • I shared some fun facts in this medium post to show how I’ve won over founders to invest.

Select Previous Investments

  • Zapier2012 Seed. Unicorn. Only needed to raise $1.3M. Profitable. Most recently valued at $5B by Sequoia (secondary).
  • Cruise2014 Seed. Unicorn Exit in 2016. Valued at $30B+ in 2021.
  • Algolia2014 Seed. $184M raised. Series D led by Fidelity and Accel ($2.25B).
  • ShipBob2014 Seed. $63M raised. Series C led by Bain Capital Ventures.
  • EightSleep2015 Seed. $80M raised. Series C led by Craft Ventures and Founders Fund.
  • SendBird2016 Seed. $122M raised. Series B led by Tiger Global and ICONIQ.
  • People.ai2016 Seed. $100M raised. Series C led by LightSpeed, a16z, GGV and ICONIQ.
  • Boom2016 Seed. $244M raised. Series B led by RRE Ventures and Emerson Collective.
  • FlutterWave2016 Seed. $475M raised. Series D led by Tiger Global at over $3B valuation.
  • Proxy2016 Seed. $59M raised. Series B led by Kleiner Perkins.
  • UpKeep2017 Seed. $49M raised. Series B led by Emergence Capital and Insight Partners.
  • Rippling2017 Seed (SPV). ~$700M raised. Series D led by Kleiner Perkins, Founders Fund, Bedrock Capital, valued at $11.25B.
  • LambdaSchool2017 Seed. $48M raised. Series B led by Bedrock, GGV and Google Ventures.
  • Retool2017 Seed. $141M raised. Series C2 led by Sequoia at $3.2B valuation.

>>Took a break in 2018. Alpaca.Markets (2019 Seed) raised $66M most recently Series B led by Tribe Capital.

Founders Love Working With Me

  • My high conviction & high energy coupled with critical optimism and solid moral support really provide a true edge as an empathetic executive coach and cheerleader for the team.
  • Besides angel investing, I was an operator for almost a decade at a self-funded and remote-only enterprise software startup with 77 fortune 100 companies as customers. Before then, I bootstrapped and later sold a hardware startup while working as a software consultant at Accenture. I know what it takes to build a high-impact company and I’m ready to help with a few extra pushes on founders’ long journey.

What’s Different About Cindy@CapitalX?

  • Unconventional blend of consultant / founder / operator experience;
  • Analytical insider insight and intuitive outsider mentality;
  • Unique public data-driven process and online-first and offline-optional approach;
  • Founder-first intuition to identify, win and invest early enough to work with multidisciplinary leaders that are likely underestimated or considered too ambitious.

With the innovative Rolling Fund structure, I’m now launching CapitalX to finally offer Enhanced access and asymmetrical financial returns to more LPs.

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Cindy Bi

GP at CapitalX.vc: an enterprise focused generalist investing in 20 startups a year with $100k — $500k checks.