How did you start out with regards to your career?

I was quite fortunate to receive a full scholarship at Georgia Tech to study Civil Engineering but quickly fell in love with spatial data analysis and GIS (Geographic Information System) at a summer internship job so I quit the PhD…

Cindy Bi uses social media and gut instinct to raise from LPs across the globe — Seif Salama / Marketing, AngelList Venture

Notable LPs include Marc Andreessen & Chris Dixon, David Sacks, Super Angels with multiple unicorns (Michael Liou, Kal Vepuri), GPs at multi-billion funds, breakout winner portfolio founders, founding/executive members at Square, Stripe, Twitter and other tech companies etc.

Born in China, Cindy Bi immigrated to the U.S. when she was…

By design — I tie my upside with GP carry.

I will reinvest 80% of my management fees back into the fund with $200,000/year minimum GP commit — this is my skin in the game.

I aim to make my LPs rich(er) who are in return encouraged to (reinvest the profit or) invest even more capital back into more startups — this makes my job a lot more meaningful.

Track record: 1 in 10 seeded startups has high potential to become a future unicorn including 3 unicorns from 2012, 2014 and 2017 seeds.

Fund Memo ← click to learn more details:

The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentinian Patagonia is one of the few unusual glaciers that maintains a state of equilibrium because it continues to accumulate mass at a rate similar to that of its loss.

Note: please check out “Startup Portfolio Highlights” via the medium post here

What’s the X, Y, Z here?

X is @CindyBiSV‘s name initial, @Ycombinator was her main deal flow when Cindy invested part time as Founding Partner at Z fund since 2011.

In the mean time, Cindy was also a full-time operator at a file API…

Cindy Bi

GP at an enterprise focused generalist investing in 20 startups a year with $100k — $500k checks.

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