CapitalX Is Live — Rolling Fund!

Cindy Bi
Aug 6, 2020


High Hit Rate

  • 12 x unicorns, all from seeds.

Notable Limited PartnersMarc Andreessen & Chris Dixon, David Sacks, Super Angels with multiple unicorns (Michael Liou, Kal Vepuri), GPs at multi-billion funds, Family Offices, Founding/Executive members at Square, Stripe, Twitter and other tech companies etc.

Apply to become an LP

Directly subscribe on AngelList:

Linked is my fundraising deck — if you are an Accredited Investor, you may also email me at cindy @ capitalx dot vc with a brief description about your background or attach your Linkedin / AngelList profile.

Examples of My Success Getting Into Deals


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Youtube Channel: CapitalX — Cindy How You Invest Is Who You Are.



Cindy Bi

GP at an enterprise focused generalist investing in 20 startups a year with $100k — $500k checks.