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  • Phil Boyer

    Phil Boyer

    Dad, VC @ Crosslink Capital, surfer, skier, drummer. In that order.

  • KVH


    Building knowledge tools. Founder @ Twitter: @squaredloss

  • Kieran Prior

    Kieran Prior

  • Farshad Yousefi

    Farshad Yousefi

    Co-founder and CEO at Fintor.

  • Zach Wasserman

    Zach Wasserman

    Zach is cofounder and CTO of Fleet, where he works to unlock the full potential of osquery for enterprise and open-source customers.

  • Henry Ward

    Henry Ward

    CEO at Carta

  • adeyemi ajao

    adeyemi ajao

  • Garry Tan

    Garry Tan

    Managing Partner, Initialized Capital. Designer/engineer turned early stage VC.

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