High Hit Rate — CapitalX

CapitalX has raised more than $5M since August and is open for new LPs for 2021 Q1. Please apply on my website or AngelList.

Below is a summary of my previous portfolio breakout winners by valuations (estimated range):

This also helps to demonstrate why and how an annual portfolio of 20 startups with “High Hit Rate” may work very well. Imagine — if the initial check represents 0.5% — 5% ownership (not a lead position).


1. Cruise — self driving cars, Unicorn exit in 2016. Valued $30B in 2021.

2. Zapier — API integration and automation. Profitable. Remote only.

3. Rippling — Payroll and employee management platform, valued $1.35B.

4. Boom Supersonic — 2016 Seed. Unicorn with $50M Series C.


5. Algolia — Search API: Site, App, Geo. $184M raised.

6. ShipBob — tech-enabled 3PL that fulfills ecommerce orders for DTC brands. $131M raised.

7. SendBird — Chat APIs: Text, Audio, Video. $121M raised.

8. People.ai — Revenue Intelligence: AI for Sales and Marketing. $100M raised.

9. Retool — Build internal tools remarkably fast. $75M raised, nearly a unicorn.




  • Platzi — Online education platform in LATAM for marketing, coding, business and design. $16M raised.
  • Paperspace — Cloud Machine Learning, AI, and effortless GPU infrastructure. $19M raised.
  • TBC — full previous portfolio list here.

GP at CapitalX.vc: an enterprise focused generalist investing in 20 startups a year with $100k — $500k checks.

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