High Hit Rate — CapitalX

CapitalX has raised more than $9M since August 2020. The fund may be open for new LPs again starting 2021 Q3.

Please apply on my website or AngelList once the subscription link is activated — stay tuned.

Below is a summary of my previous portfolio breakout winners by valuations (estimated range), including the top 17 YC startups since my direct seed investments.

This also helps to demonstrate why and how an annual portfolio of 20 startups with “High Hit Rate” may work very well. Imagine — if the initial check represents 0.5% — 5% ownership (not a lead position).


1. Cruise — self driving cars, Unicorn exit in 2016. Valued $30B in 2021.

2. Zapier — API integration and automation. Profitable. Remote only.

3. Rippling — Payroll and employee management platform, valued $1.35B.

4. Boom Supersonic — 2016 Seed. Unicorn with Series C.

5. FlutterWave — 2016 Seed. Unicorn with Series C.

6. SendBird — 2016 Seed. Unicorn with Series C.

7. Go1 — Enterprise on-line learning platform. $100M+ raised.

8. ShipBob — tech-enabled 3PL that fulfills ecommerce orders for DTC brands. $331M raised.

9. Retool — Build internal tools remarkably fast. $75M raised, nearly a unicorn.


10. Algolia — Search API: Site, App, Geo. $184M raised.

11. People.ai — Revenue Intelligence: AI for Sales and Marketing. $100M raised.

12. Jerry — A mobile-first car ownership super app, Jerry launched in 2019 with its AI- and machine-learning-based car insurance comparison service and today serves nearly 1 million customers across the United States. $57M raised.


  • Epic! — Leading digital library for kids. $52M raised.
  • Bevi —Smart water cooler with pure, flavored and sparking water. $60M raised.
  • Proxy — Touchless workplace and mobile identity. $59M raised.
  • Redacted Collaborate. $82M raised.
  • UpKeep — Modern, intuitive, and mobile first CMMS that is proven to streamline the work order process.$49M raised.
  • LambdaSchool — Free online web dev and data science education: pay with ISA after getting hired with annual $50k+ income! $122M raised.
  • BitMovin — provides adaptive streaming infrastructure for video publishers and integrators with fastest cloud encoding and HTML5 Player. $70M raised.


  • DeepGram — The fastest, most accurate, most reliable, most scalable speech transcription, with understanding — rebuilt just for enterprise. $25M Series B.
  • Flirtey — real-time delivery by flying robots. $16M raised.
  • Teleport — Remote access and secure deployments for developers via SSH and Kubernetes. $29M raised.
  • Zeplin — Connected space for design and product teams. $1.4M raised.

GP at CapitalX.vc: an enterprise focused generalist investing in 20 startups a year with $100k — $500k checks.